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From Budapest, the European capital of Escape Games

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Plus our very own Grimoire


An ancient book of spells, The Grimoire, has been stolen. You've traced those responsible to this long forgotten abandoned mansion

Their plan is to use the book to invoke evil spIrits of the past to rise again and destroy mankind. Time is short; the ceremony will begin tonight, at the stroke of midnight.

It's just before 11pm, giving you one hour to find the Grimoire and escape. You have searched everywhere and found nothing, there is only one place left to look, the attic...


WARNING: This game is not suitable for people with pacemakers, please contact us if you have any questions.

Secret of the tomb

Brent Chadwick had a rough childhood. He grew up in the shadow of his mother, Lucille, founder of the "Church of the Untemptables" (COTU). The COTU was a Christian-fundamentalist church in the 1980's that preached;

"Resist all temptations, but if you aren't able to resist, you still have the chance of salvation if you punish yourselves equal to the sin you have committed."

So no wonder Brent went crazy and, after his mother died, moved to a hidden room - the very room you are about to enter. This dimly lit place can only be escaped from by finding the urn of Lucille's ashes and placing it in it's rightful resting place.

If you fail, and you're still there after an hour, Brent will arrive, and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when he does!

WARNING: This game contains strobe lighting.

The bomb

You and your team are members of an elite 'Bomb Disposal Unit'.

You are about to enter a flat above a bank in Blackpool believed to have been rented by Joseph Mendelson.

Mendelson, an ex bank employee, holds the bank responsible for ruining his life when in fact it was his own drinking and gambling addictions that lost him everything.

He is determined to do as much damage as possible and has already blown up two branches of the bank in nearby towns.

The flat is also known to be booby trapped, giving you just one hour to find the bomb, deactivate it and escape.

Can you do it?

Secret Agent

It's 1984, the height of the Cold War.

You and your team of Secret Agents are about to break into the appartment of MI6's most senior agent - Jason Sinclair.

MI6 believes Sinclair could be be a 'double agent', an agent pretending to be on our side but actually working for Russia's KGB. This is because he recently submitted reports on 4 Russian suspects declaring them all to be innocent, but MI6 thinks differently.

Can you find evidence of the Russians secret missions and therefore prove Sinclair is a 'double agent' or is this all one big misunderstanding?

You have an hour to find out one way or the other before Sinclair gets back and 'All hell breaks loose...'



Thousands of years ago there ruled the Pharaoh Horus, named after the great falcon god. He prided himself on his intelligence and wit and spent much of his time studying puzzles and mysteries. With no children to inherit his kingdom he spent his latter years building the Pyramid of Mysteries.

Following its completion Horus lay down a challenge that whoever could enter the pyramid and escape within an hour would inherit the whole of Egypt. However, if they failed, as all that tried did, they would be entombed forever.

His domain has long since gone but the Pyramid of Mysteries remains. Are you brave enough to take on the Pharaoh's challenge?